Gangs of Artists (G.O.A.)

"Celebrating Art 'N' House Parties"

Who we are?

Gangs Of Artists aka G.O.A.  is more than just a group; it’s a family of like-minded individuals who share a deep passion for art in all its forms. We aim to create a thriving community of emerging artists, uniting diverse talents. 

We organize fun-filled meet-ups where people come gather, engage in art and music, sing, enjoy and most importantly, party.

“Unleash your creativity, join the Gang of Artists!”

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Overwhelmed by a Busy Lifestyle?

Craving a Day of Serenity and Positive Energy?

G.O.A. holds the solution!

Inviting you to a laid-back gathering where you can mingle, express your thoughts, savor delightful performances, and join our vibrant community.”

Music, Masti, And Nothing Else!

Harmony in Art, Unity in Diversity

G.O.A. offers the ultimate experience for an unforgettable time! 

With engaging games, meaningful discussions, delightful music, and delicious food, we’ve curated a complete package of exciting activities that you won’t want to overlook.”

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"Where Art Unites, Communities Flourish."

We Nurture Talent, We Celebrate You!

“Feel free to share your passions and interests, regardless of your skill level. What matters is the environment that encourages you to meet like-minded individuals and express yourself.”

What's in these events?

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Fantastic Lineup Of Activities, Stories, Poems, And Laughter.

Yes, we have music and songs, and who sings for you?
It's You 🙂

Good food fuels creativity.
We'll ensure your culinary needs are taken care of.

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